Artist Spotlight: Magie Hue (DJ / Producer)

Magie Hue is an open format DJ & Music Producer based out of Orange County, CA. With musical influences ranging from future bass, R&B, house, and funk, Magie’s diverse musical talents will bring you on both a nostalgic and thrilling journey.

We recently had the opportunity to chat with Magie about a variety of topics including her musical background, how she got into DJ'ing and producing, experiences with playing live shows, and many more. Be sure to follow her social media channels below and enjoy this in-depth interview!

SoundCloud: @magiehue
Instagram: @magiehue
Twitter: @magiehue
TikTok: @magiehue

Hi Magie! Thank you for taking the time to join our Artist Spotlight. The entire team at DAVENLY are huge fans of electronic music and we often spend the majority of our free time browsing music on SoundCloud in search of new artists. During March, we randomly came across one of your mixes that you did for Pastel and absolutely loved the creativity and flow of it.

Can you provide a brief introduction about yourself and how you first got into the art of DJ’ing and producing? Did you have any prior musical experience playing any other instruments?

Hey everyone! My name is Magie Hue and I’m a DJ/ producer from Orange County, California. My DJ and producing journey began about two and a half years ago. I attempted to dabble with DJ’ing and producing when I discovered SoundCloud about 8 years ago, but had a difficult time getting over the learning curve.

I was intrigued listening to smooth transitions, discovering remixes, and finding new songs in DJ mixes, I would sometimes even listen to my favorites on repeat for hours. From then on, I knew I wanted to learn how to DJ and produce my own remixes/ songs.

I’m glad I never gave up because I have been able to connect with so many like-minded individuals with the same passion for music.

Outside from DJ’ing and producing, I learned how to play the violin at 9 years old. Playing the violin, thankfully, helped me learn how to read music early on.

For new listeners, how would you describe your overall sound? What type of messages or emotions do you aim to portray with each mix?

Being an open format DJ, my sound can vary quite a bit. I always try to incorporate a variety of genres, such as house, future beats, hip-hop, trap, and sometimes rock.

I like to catch listeners off guard by sprinkling different genres and remixes of popular songs, so they can enjoy a new take to songs they are familiar with. My goal is for listeners to discover new songs they will put on repeat.

Let’s dive deeper into your creative process and workflow. When mixing or producing, what does your routine normally look like?

When creating a DJ mix, I first choose an overall vibe/ theme for the mix (such as a house, trap, or future beats mixtape). From there, I add all of my favorite songs within that genre in a crate (folder).

Discovering new songs is one of the most exciting parts of DJing. I usually do this by clicking the “radio” button on SoundCloud or Spotify on one of my favorite songs to find new songs with a similar vibe. I download all of my songs on record pools (a website to download high quality songs), where I also would search a specific song and find remixes from different artists.

After I assemble all of my tracks in my crate, I find transitions for songs that are similar in BPM (beats per minute, speed of the song) and/or similar in key (for harmonic mixing). Finding songs that transition nicely together can be a long creative process, but very satisfying when you find the perfect one.

I like to vary my transitions with beat matching (songs with the same/ similar BPM), word play (similar words used in the current and next song), tone play (when you use notes from the song you’re mixing out of to play out a melody from a second song you’re mixing into), or double drops (when the current track is playing and you drop the hook of another song during the chorus).

There are so many different ways to transition songs and every DJ will have a different take to their mixing styles, which makes the art so enjoyable.

Growing up, who were your biggest musical inspirations?

Growing up, my biggest musical inspirations were Nujabes, Ta-Ku, Sango, Tinashe, Childish Gambino, Giraffage, and Cashmere Cat.

You recently opened up for JVNA at the “United Against Hate” AAPI charity event on May 23, 2021 in San Francisco, CA. We love the fact that this event was in support of such an amazing cause and that 100% of the net proceeds were donated to the AAPI Civic Engagement Fund.

What was the overall experience like for you there and what was your reaction when you found out you were a part of this incredible artist line-up?

When I got asked to be a part of this artist line-up, I called five of my closest friends screaming with excitement, but I was also afraid to travel to an unfamiliar city by myself. Next thing I knew, they all booked their flights to come support me. Not only that, but my friends from Pastel, Gleam, and Scrubs Collective (which I had only met virtually during pandemic) also came to support. To have everyone be united at one event was truly a blessing.

It made me realize anything is possible if you put your mind into it. I never thought I’d have an opportunity to travel and connect with the crowd playing my favorite music.

I met so many incredible people that night and we helped raise over $4,000 for AAPI. It was an unforgettable experience.

What are the most difficult aspects of DJ’ing? Were there any roadblocks or major challenges that you encountered early on?

When I first picked up my entry level DJ controller, 8 years ago, I didn’t understand how to use it. I didn’t know how to properly transition songs and everything I did sounded terrible. I decided to pick it up again 6 years later.

I dedicated 3 straight months of learning the craft before putting out a SoundCloud mix. Your mindset is so important! I’m still always learning new techniques along the way, but I learned you have to fall in love with the craft and not be so hard on yourself. It sounds cliche but it’s all about enjoying the art and the journey.

To this day, there are times I would practice DJ scratches or try to come up with creative mixes/transitions for hours and not come up with anything good. As long as you have fun, put in the work, and take necessary breaks, you can put anything you put your mind to.

If you could collaborate with any 3 artists of your choice, who would they be and why?

I would love to collaborate with Nitti Gritti, Wuki, and Snakehips. Each of these artists are able to produce such a wide range of original songs and also have a fun spin with every remix.

Aside from producer collaborations, 3 vocal artists I would love to collaborate with are Tinashe, Kehlani, and Doja Cat.

Aside from music, you also have a strong passion for food culture. For those who are visiting Orange County for the first time, what would be the top 5 food spots that you would recommend?

Orange County has such a melting pot of food choices! There are so many mouth watering restaurants, but my top 5 (in no particular order) would be:
1. Kitakata Ramen
2. Sushi Imari - fresh sushi for a great price!
3. Descanso (Best Taco Tuesday deal, Pro Tip: Sit at the plancha table for Hibachi style cooking)
4. Kaizen or Mokkoji for shabu
5. Mo Ran Gak - a la carte Kbbq

If you could only choose one cheat meal to devour, what would it be?

This is a tough question, but I would have to choose my mom’s oxtail pho.

What are some hobbies that you enjoy doing when you aren’t creating music?

I love doing anything creative such as painting, shooting photography or videography, sewing, and arts and crafts. I also love trying new cooking and baking recipes.

Since 2022 is quickly approaching, what new projects can fans expect from you within the next year?

I’m excited to put out some new DJ mixes, original produced remixes, and play live events at new venues!

For those who are aspiring to become a DJ or musician, what is the most important advice that you can provide?

Enjoy the process and never stop learning. Play/create music you would enjoy listening to, and not what you think other people will like. This will prevent burn out.

Lastly, don’t forget to make friends and support each other along the way. “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Lastly, are there any important individuals throughout your musical journey that you would like to give a shout-out to?

I would like to give a shout out to my mentors Kenjamin and Jimmy. Everyone from Pastel for welcoming me with open arms. Lena, Jeff, B, and Anthony for being my greatest supporters and sharing their wisdom with me. Samantha, Kevin, and Gio for always being there to push me. Lastly, my DJ sisters Chloe, Dalene, Diana, Perpetua and Stephanie.

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