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Creamy mushroom pie

It gets surprising that while I don't like mushrooms thaaat much, this is the second recipe in a row that contains them! Of course there is a plan on how I decide what and when to post. Of courseee! It's clear, right? Before I begin I need to testify something. I had this recipe for lost. I couldn't find where I did save the photos, not the recipe itself and now that I found them (out of sheer luck) I'm not quite sure of the amount of ingredients that are used, but I'll give a try nevertheless. So... This pie is pastry puff based. It can be done in any desired crust because all that matters the most, is the filling. As in any pie anyway....

Grab your favorite pan, add olive oil and put the heat to medium high. Slice onions julienne style and garlic cloves as you wish. You can grate or smash the cloves if you don't want to eat pieces of garlic or you can be an orc like me. It's fine both ways. Give them golden color and if you see them to start getting brown, just retract the pan from the heat to allow the temperature get a bit lower. Medium heat is your friend if you need your time. When you are satisfied with onions and garlic, add sliced mushrooms. As I've said here mushrooms will start traping inside them any liquids we have in the pan. Let them do it! It's what will make America Grea..... ermmm.. the pie great again! They need 7-8 minutes to soften and reduce in size. When we get at that point it's time to add a shot (or two) of our favorite white wine. I would avoid any sweet wine, but if you are into it who am I to deny it?

If you can't smell any more alcohol coming out of the pan, add the cream. Let it get its first boil and then reduce the heat to medium. Now it should be shimmering and you should let it for 5 more minutes, so the cream gets thicker. When you are glad by getting down with the thickness (yeeeah, so funny, I know!!!), add salt and pepper to fix the taste. Final steps are to add the parsley and grate the cheese and give it altogether a good stir. I used a spicy version of goatmilk and I won't regret it. Put the pan aside to let it cool.

Select a fireproof container and with a paper towel add olive oil everywhere inside it. Then the real fun starts. Take a sheet of pastry puff, gently and cover the bottom of the container by 75% as shown in the images below. With a brush, oil the sheet and do the same thing with another sheet of pastry puff. 6-7 sheets are ok but if you like the crust, put up some more. When it is ready, cut the top and bottom edges with a knife at the point where the container "wall" ends. Then pour the godly mixture in!

At this point you should already be in love with your pie-child and letting that aside, you can add some more pepper because why not and small cubes of the same cheese for a pleasant surprise by the time your guests get a taste of your pie. Take the first sheet the rests on the side and cover the pie. Then the second and then the third and continue until you have a perfectly sealed pie like the image below.

Brush it with some more oil. The pie should be at least halfway the height of your container. If it is higher it is because you are greedy and you used more sheets, but there is nothing to worry about. You will still eat it, right? In a preheated oven at 170 Celsius, the pie needs around 45 minutes to be ready to satisfy your senses, but it's not bad to read the directions of your product beforehand, to check if the puff pastry needs more or less time. A rule that I follow for this particular crust is that it is usually done when the colour is golden with areas that start turning soft brown.

Before reaching with your foul hands on this angelic product of love, let it cool down for 15 minutes. Then cut it in square portions and serve.

Ingredients for 6 medium pieces

  • 10 sheets of paff pastry

  • 20 sliced Porchinni or Button mushrooms

  • 250 ml heavy cream

  • 5 tbsp Olive oil (2 for saute)

  • 1 sliced Onion

  • 3 cloves of garlic

  • 4 tbsp chopped fresh parsley

  • 150 gr gratted goatcheese

  • Salt and Pepper at will



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