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Dark (Eve Version)

Netflix Subscription: 12 euro

German Lessons: 20 euro/hour

Buying a Timemachine: 5 bil euro

Destroying my braincells: Priceless

You are brilliant, unique and have great destiny that awaits you. You had every option on, every possibility open for you as most of those who took care of you, said so over the years. They might have been mean sometimes but deep down you knew they cared. At some point, life actually happened and you understood that all of the aforementioned claims are true (or most of them). While you thought nothing better than life could happen, then Dark show comes up. Life taught you that you are the chosen one, that you had endless possibilities open and options were constantly up. Dark taught you except from all the above, that you are clever as well. Let's see together why!

Brief Story

This show's plot happens in Winden, a city that doesn't exist in real life, but it heavily exists in this science fiction world. In Winden there are 4 families that their fates get intewoven when a lost boy gets found. Dark explores the existential implications of time and its effects upon human nature as the lost-and-now-found boy was gone missing decades ago and found now in the state that was lost. This happens in the first episodes so don't consider it a spoiler. It's the first time a time travel gets witnessed in the show and starts very dynamically as it let you process the fact that you can exist in more than one timelines. While at the very beginning, the paradox trains your brain while you practice listing in your memory the names of the protagonists. Don't be afraid though. If you have seen Inception, Interstellar, the Matrix trilogy or the Black Mirror then this show isn't any harder to get. You will get to enjoy every scene of it!

Cast and Characters

I don't know any of the actors to be honest but I shout aloud Kudos to all of them. They easily manage to give their characters the needed depth in the level that I could get connected to them and let me understand what they felt. The point that got me surprised is that the same character goes into a lot of phases on different timelines and with phychological burden, and somehow they were able to give clear differences so you can fully connect.


At the end where the whole plot gets revealed, you get a weird feeling as you have already understood 97%-99% of the plot and still SOMEONE EXPLAINS IT A COUPLE OF TIMES inside the show. This totally breaks the immersion as the show tries to make you a fool while you exactly the opposite. There are only things to love as there is a unique cohesion in what happens, when, and by whom and it is 100% clear. Plotwise there is nothing to hate. There are some relationship issues that charm you all the way, there are some tearfull scenes that drag you in the show to lift some of the character's burden as you both solve the plot and there are some repetitive scenes that excit you more and more as you get a grip of the time's eternal loop. The plot is very simple but rewarding.


There are a lot of different places that they shot the show and they are all in my mind as if I watched the show an hour ago. I loved the shots on opens spaces and some that are inside rooms. Never got a claustrophobic feeling. The whole experience is magical as you can witness scenery as it grows or gets destroyed by the passage of time. There were a lot of details that a trained eye such as mine could easily catch.


Mainly it is a show that is worth of its time. I don't think that I wasted my time at all, given that the concept was so light and simple. It does the exact opposite as it gives you a rewarding feeling at the very end because you can see that there are other brilliant people in the world. It really steps over a very thin line which dictates if the show is going to have a positive result or a negative one. To get a real feel of my final words on Dark see here!!!


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