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Dirty Shirt ruling over Balkans

There are people that like their food portion to be of one type only e.g. steamed vegetables. There are others that like a small variety around them and then again others, more bold than the rest, that like great variety that entices the whole table. I see myself somewhere between the middle and the last category and if you see yourself around the same directions, get my number so we can become friends or at least eat together. And why am I making those references to food in a music post? Mainly because this is a food blog and for some reason I write about music. So, if we bring this analogy to music, you have to be on the same path as food description above to fully enjoy Dirty Shirt. Get ready your ear taste buds to receive a well blended mixture of industrial metal elements, hoarse voice tones and folk touches where sometimes are very acute and intense and some other times are so discreet, you barely understand they exist but they manage to give you the color the band wants you to get. It's time for you to get your head banging unintentionally in rhythms you thought you didn't know, but you will soon understand you've heard them somewhere at least once in your life. If you live in Balkan Peninsula you might even have folk songs in your country that might sound familiar to what you are listening in Dirty Shirt songs.

While being at my most recent visit to the psychoanalyst, I asked myself why do I like this band? Why I instantly subscribed to their channel and why I smashed my money box to buy their latest album (it's called Letchology btw) and I figured out that they have a unique gift that can be found on most, if not all, their songs. They can instantaneously speed your brain up. When most of their songs start, they push an adrenaline rush button in your brain that you can't pin point on your own and now your brain-machine has 1000 rotations per minute more that had a couple of seconds ago. Man I swear they do some magic shit with this violin-and-bass weird couple and they boost you up. You don't believe me? Ok do this test. Check here and if you manage not to get yourself sped up, enjoying this oldschool-but-new sound then really, close this post and move along.

Other than their boosting ability I'd like to cite something that really moves me and forces me to put on repeat some of their songs. While their music is industrial and kinda heavy, the folk part brings unexpectedly to me some kind of melancholy. Dan "Rini" Crǎciun's voice really does the trick. It's mellow and rippen at the same time while the way he utilizes it manages to take you back to an era that you might have not experienced. I know it can be funny to say but I feel like I'm going back to village vacation, listening to my old granpa-grandma singing occasionally together. And of course, while music is good and all, forcing you experiences and memories is pure magic. It's where God is supposed to be. So yeah, thanks for that.

In case you are interested they have a site, a facebook page and a fine youtube channel to go check them. You'll see in their videos that they are often with Transylvanian Folklore Orchestra which adds a lot to the final score. Really, give them a try and Dirty your shirt with no remorse.



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