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Perihelion, the Hungarian Pantheon

Somewhat late or very very early in the morning for some people, I was kinda lost on the dark side of #Youtube. You know, that road made of click after click which leads to a vortex of chaotic mishmash of videos where an algorithm ruled you will like them and you watch them astonished, trying to figure out what the eff Youtube knows about you that you clearly don't.

Dumb as I am, I said to myself, perihelion is the point where Earth is the closest to the sun. Shouldn't the thumbnail be brighter? What the f@ck i'm thinking man, just click it.

And there you have it. Video starts with a famous american guy who tries to insult me for skipping ads and not accepting to sell stuff online. My brain freezes more than it already has, but I manage to snap out of it and realize its another fucking ad. Yup, he was right. Skip it.

Actual video starts now. And man..... owwww man, three seconds in and I already start tripping somewhere I am not familiar at all. Music introduces the protagonists of a weird world. You might be sittiing on your chair surrounded by technology yes, but in their universe you are dragged and forced to feel human. Naked. Somewhere alone. You start breathing and take notice on that, your body starts getting a more instictive tempo, you can feel yourself being in mother's womb. As this fine lady dances, your mind dance and some tiny bits of time it wonders why your body doesn't dance as well? You can see yourself getting primitive as the vocal chants go on, feel the corruption that emerges from within as you feel the human evolution and if you pay attention, you will see yourself getting adrenaline out of thin air and some fragments of rage. Vocals pump up some more, bass compels your neck hair to rise as if they want to leave your body, and you realise that you are now standing. There is an abrasion at the singer's voice that scratches your neural cores, making them use you as a puppet. This abrasion fires you off and yes, now you are dancing. What if it is 5 in the morning, fuck the neighbours. Headbang as you should, to pay proper respect in this masterpiece. Best part is that I have no idea what this man says but I already am with him. Hopefully I'm not headbanging to Hungarian recipes or directions on how to wash wool clothes.

A trip to wherever the Avant-garde Metal, Post-Black Metal Hungarian band wanted, lasted for 4.40 minutes but hey.... there are other songs as well! Seven songs in this album that really enhance your music taste (and they have 5 more albums prior to this one). I don't want to make a long post for them to get the idea, Just visit their page and listen their full album, subscribe to their channel for eye candy videos (said video is here by the way) or visit their facebook page to aid them gather fans (yeah like me!). I gain nothing for this, I just raise awareness about some good music.

Hope you like them, as my neighbours did (didn't they?)



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