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Rogue Legacy

Once upon a time, there was a Lord that owned a castle.

Unbeknownst of what happened to that Lord, his daughter Lady Winry, a Barbarian who is frickened out by chickens and has two left arms, so she can't cast spells properly delves into the dungeons of the castle. What happened to Lady Winry is left to be found out by one of her three heirs, Sir John a bald knight who has constant muscle spasms, Lady Sonia a knave so strong that her punches send her enemies far back, and Sir Jarvan, a colororblind mage so clumsy that he drops everything he comes in contact with . Sir John who chose to take on the adventure to find his mother, has gained her riches and bought a smithy for the family castle, so he can forge a better armor than what his mother let him.

He equipped his armor, his sword, his ambitions and stepped down the dungeon.

What happened to him is only to be found out by his three (what? three again?) heirs.

This story can go on for a loooooong time, since this is the major playstyle of this game.

Let me share a couple of basic stuff about Rogue Legacy.

It is a 2013(ish) #metroidvania #platformer game with strong #rogue-like elements developed by Cellar Door Games. I would also add the #rogue-lite tag here since each time your heir meets their end, the next one upgrades permanently either the castle, or the equipment for the next one in line, given that the previous accumulated enough money.

The gameplay is fairly easy in the beggining. Each hero has a random spell,might have a unique ability (such as the Barbarian's Fah ra duh Shout, which sends the enemies flying back), some beneficial traits like moving 30% faster (ADHD) or some not so favourarable traits like Glaucoma which let you see a small area around you. When you decide with what sort of hero you want to make the run, you go to the upgrade your castle screen where..... you upgrade your castle! (Neat, right?) You can select from a wide variety of upgrades to increase your max health, max mana, unlock new classes (miner), increase critical chance and really, many many more.

Next screen is the entrance of the castle. There you can unlock new pieces of equipment if your predecessor had acquired any blueprints in their run, enchant your armor set or your weapon given that you have unlocked the enchantress (and you've got teh runes!!!) and the Architect which you can "lock" the castle as it was in your last run. While the architect doesn't offer much, it is a nice mechanic if you find the boss location and want to teleport instantly there to defeat it, or just practice on how to achive victory over the boss without seeding a new dungeon.

When you enter the castle, expect a wide variety of rooms, monsters, traps and items in a random pattern that changes in every run.

There are four (?) locations of the castle each with its own boss to defeat. The castle, the garden, the tower, and an underground section.

While your heroes must equip themselves with the right weaponry and armory (and spells), you on the other hand should equip yourself with patience. You'll need a lot of it. Death is your friend here and some traits help you confront that fact with humor. An Archmage that sometimes farts while jumping is not the image you had for Archmages in the first place. Except from funny traits there are many easter eggs to find out, secret locations with mysterious events and rooms that the developers decided to break the forth wall and talk directly to the player, giving some insights about their previous work on other projects, their successes and failings, which is a nice and more intimate touch.

Price: About 11 euro Price justified?: Totally. A lot of maps, rooms, monsters, items, item sets, nice classes weird traits, ok-ish spells,castle upgrades, farts, burps and Nostalgic filters.

Pros: the game can surprise you at times, you can feel like you evolve in each run. It can live up to its name as a roguelike game.

Cons: Rooms sometimes feel like they need more variety in the items they contain and not only tables, statues, barrels and chandeliers. It feels grindy but it's justifiable (still grindy though)

Verdict: A rogue-like that has to offer a lot, a normal price tag, and an engaging platformer.

Sees like a "go buy it" for me, if you are that kind of gamer.