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Simple dark & white chocolate mousse

Lying almost dead between the pillows of my couch, melting my brains out to make a #dessert out of zero ingredients just gave me, contrary to my initial belief, zero results and a mild headache. So I decided to raise my standards by 1000% and make it out of two #ingredients. Yup, this is something I could do. But right there, the Zen Master and Ancient Sensei advised me to make it even better and overachieve my goals. I did my inner seeking, visited the old and dusty corridors of my mind and I had my answer: a Three ingredient #chocolate #mousse. A recipe that even the greatest of chefs wouldn't touch because of its difficulty, is here and will be presented by The Hungry Sloth just for you.

In case that you haven't already understand, I have no idea how to say that I'm just gonna give you a simple mousse instead of an actual recipe, so I thought a weird start would be better! Let's get over it now, shall we?

First of, bring to a simmer 200 ml of heavy cream. When bubbly, take it off heat and let it about a minute to cool. To conquer, we need to divide first, so go get 2 colorful bowls and put 100 ml of that cream in each one and let 100 gr of dark chocolate drops to melt in the first, and 100 gr of white chocolate drops in the second. Things you must have in mind are: A. With a spoon stir slowly until both types of chocolate blend with cream. B. Colorful bowls give a spark of happiness to a miserable life. Something like having kids, but with bowls.

Next step, take your mixing bowl (metal bowl will be ideal), put 300 ml of heavy cream and let your mixer do the trick. I think it needs about 7 minutes in the lowest stirring speed, given the cream is right off the fridge and your bowl is metal, meaning it can keep the low temperature more than a plastic one would. When you have a resuslt as the image below you need to divide this whipped cream into half and put it to another bowl in order to make two different layers of mousse.

On each bowl, add the melted chocolate and stir slowly. Ideally, insert the melted chocolate in small portions so you control the result better.

When both bowls are done and well blended, find containers that suit you and fill them up. They can be dessert containers, water glasses, wine glasses or even those for beer! You can either fill them with a spoon or with a whipped cream filler (yeah spoon is ok!). I suggest to fill up to your liking with dark chocolate filling, hit the container gently from its bottom to even the surface into a straight-ish line and then continue filling with white chocolate. This will help your guests enjoy the dessert before they even taste it. And who knows, you might even impress your wannabe s/o with that clever trick, right? RIGHT?!?

You can eat it right away, or let it freeze for a couple of hours. Overnight is perfect so you know. As far as it concerns me, I never knew what am I suposed to do with those Mc Farland beer glasses but now the truth is revealed!

I wish I had forseen that chocolate powder was missing from my raw materials, but that's life. Unfair and lacking of nice details.


  • 500 ml Heavy Cream (300 + 200)

  • 100 gr Dark Chocolate drops / tears / something cool

  • 100 gr White chocolate

  • Chocolate powder for decoration



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