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Sons of Anarchy

When I created this blog I had two separate goals in mind. First is, to keep me entairtained so I can keep the reader entertained as well and the second one is to focus on small things in world. Non popular recipes, small unknown indie gamimg studios, a wanna-reach-the-world band and so on. I was about to review Young Pope / New Pope series but Lord, I really can't fathom not writing about this masterpiece first.

To start understand each other here, we need to establish the basis of our tastes which dictate you to like #drama and #crime series. If in any way you loved Breaking Bad, Narcos, or even Money Heist, then get ready to ride (pun 100% intended) along with one of the best dramas out there. No worries mano, the whole review will be spoiler free!

So, main point of view here is a Motorcycle Club (M.C. from now on, ok?) called "Sons of Anarchy", established at Charming, a small town in Redwood, California. While the M.C. repairing cars and bikes for a living sounds legal, it's totally not what they are doing. They are doing guns. They take them from point A and distribute them to other "Clubs". The whole operation is ran by Clay Morrow, President of the M.C. and his stepson and Vice President Jax Teller, son of John Teller who was the man that created the concept of the Harley riding club. We don't get to see John Teller at all, mainly because he is dead a lot of years now, but you will learn along with Jax, a lot about of his Presidency and personal life as the series go down the road (Yeah, really no pun intented). At the shows very first steps we get to feel the vibe between Clay, an old school type of leader and the new era assistant of his.

To get a hold on this show, you have to think of a Redwood tree. It's enormous as far as plot goes, solid to its story, beatiful and awe-inspiring as a whole project and while you get to dig deeper and find its roots, you'll get the high percentage of complexity the included characters have. Kurt Sutter (Creator of S.o.A.) didn't hold back when it came to characters. He paid attention to details so much that he created story based on those details. Literally take the analogy of the said tree above and imagine each character as its root. The complexity is evergrowing but up to a certain point where the creator understands that he must not cross it or it will make the viewer grow bored. I believe that while the show is a gem, the actual mastery is the skill of K.Sutter to play among the lines and keep everyone engaged.

To do so though, it had it's cost. Every season has 13-14 episodes and each one keeps a healthy 50 to 100 minutes, depenting on the weight they need to put on it. Remember when we counted the minutes on every episode of Game of Thrones and we were throwing a party if it managed to hit 48 minutes? Yeah Sutter gives a Golden Shower on Benioff and Weiss on that matter, even if the money on those two 5-star shows are kinda disanalogous.

Another thing that I really enjoyed is the respect they showed concerning the diversity of different sexual orientations. Everyone can expect a Macho Man show made out of testosterone explosive bikers to be a "straight Only" kind of thing, but the truth will surprise you. I really never expected someone to dig into, lets say Trans psychology, but we got it served as it should. Same goes with different ethnicities. Black, Brown, Yellow and White, all facing the same amount of respect. The creator touches those hot potatoes and he does not only knows how to not get burned but to serve it in an appropriate manner. And this does not feel forced at all. You've seen Sense 8? If yes, then S.o.A. is the exact opposite and it is a good thing. As the time advances and I mill this show more and more in my mind, I always get to see more glory and maturity than before.

Last thing to mention but not least, is the music. Yup, the show has some serious taste on the music part and they really do know when to let it dominate the stage. Rock and Hard Rock vibes are well woven in the scenes by various covers of kinda classic songs, helping you come even closer to the "Outlaw" theme. Listen to a couple to get the idea and feel like a modern cowboy showing Mr. Mayhem to the bad guys!

So if I, by any chance, managed to give you reason to watch the show, take some napkins with you for the "really low" chance of crying a bit, take your "Zen 101" book, so you don't forget that we don't punch people in the face for little to no reason, as well as to take some occasional breaks looking out of your window to remember that we are not members of the Club.

Ok ese?



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