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Spinach, pumpkin and cranberries salad

My parents usually bought #spinach to make spinach rice, which is ok as a recipe but only if you don't have anything else to cook with it. For me is a waste of a fine raw material, because as years passed, it turned up to be a superfood and back at that time they were just boiling it with water, oil and some salt or pepper.

I really don't know what happened inside my head, but while my cooking child was growing inside me I insisted on trying to find ways that would make it fit any recipe it touched. It has so many benefits to be left out or to be mistreated, such as one cup gives the 1/3 of Vitamin C we need daily, protects from cancer, manages diabetes, lowers blood pressure, provides Vitamin A which is cool for skin and makes you super super strong!!!

So in collaboration with my beloved wife, we created a very unique combination of veggies, seeds and berries with a delicious sauce that enriches the whole dish to a much higher level that it already is.

Here is for a serving for two (or one if you are feeling lonely)

For the sauce, just add all the ingredients together and whisk it until you have a smooth mixture. Add a little bit of #mustard if its too watery, or add a little bit of olive oil if it is too thick.

For reasons I cannot explain this salad has a bit of grated #mozzarella which enhances the overall umami sense. Its not wrong if you think to try a more salty cheesy rather than mozzarella or even don't use cheese at all. After all you are going to eat it, not me.

Except from a distinguished combination of taste, you will also get a lot of vitamins with low calories gain (yes, you need to think twice for that cheese!), get reliefed if you suffer from indigestion just like me and most importantly gain anti-ageing properties from the black #sesame seeds. What? No? In China they believe that, so why not?



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